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Thank you for purchasing from our range of Art work. Our terms and conditions of sale are as follows.


By Cheques

All payment must be made by cheque in UK pounds sterling.

Payment must be in full.

Verification of cheque guarantee must be made with each transaction.

A signed order must accompany payment.

No credit will be given all transactions must be in advance.

Post dated cheques will not be accepted.

All payments must include Postage and packing.

Dishonoured checks will be charged for and any monies owing recovered and costs incurred charged.

All cheques must be made payable to HARPER DESIGN.


All payment must be made in UK pounds sterling or converted on card payment site.

Payment must be in full in advance.

All Failres of payment, dishonoured cards or fraudulent transactions will be subject to recover of goods, costs, legal expenses and damages.

All terms of Card supplier and payment organisation ie PayPal must be adhered to by the card user and card owner.

Transactions deemed as insecure may be refused.



We will do our best to issue your order quickly however processing may be slowed if problems are encountered with cheque clearing.

Once received Orders can not be cancelled by the customer as goods and postage will have been allocated.

We reserve the right to cancel orders and, or issue refunds or alternatives, should the need arise.

Should a limited edition run finish or become unavailable or frame style become unavailable we will notify the customer before processing the order or banking the cheque, giving the customer the option of an alternative item from our range, or return of the cheque or refund.

Further compensation will not be given as we make it clear from the outset that Limited edition prints are limited to the specified number on that run to ensure fairness to all our collectors. Please feel free to contact us to ensure availability.

Please ensure Customer details are written clearly in English.


All items posted must be signed for upon delivery.

Upon receipt of goods the customer bears sole liability for damage to goods, injury by goods received, injury by breakage of goods, Loss due to breakage or damage No further liability will be held in relation to delivery following receipt by the customer.

Goods damaged in transit will be replaced or refunded if replacement is not possible, following return of goods damaged to Harper Design.


All prints, pictures, art work or products sold by Harper design are for decorative artistic purposes only. Any other use of our products is entirely at the customers own risk.

Care must be taken with products using glass.

These items are breakable and may result in injury if broken dismantled or miss handled in any way.

All paintings, prints, frames and other components are potentially flammable.

Do not overheat or expose to a naked flame.

Heat or excess cold or damp or sun light may damage products, prints and works of art produced by Harper Design.

All items supplied by Harper design are for collectors and in no way can be used by children, minors or babies as toys.

Paint, print, inks, papers, frames and glass components used in items produced by Harper Design are non edible in any way.


All rights are reserved by Harper Design and S. V. Harper.

No copy may be made of any painting, print, image, product, advertising image or text relating to or produced by S.V. Harper or Harper Design . No product, painting, print advertising text, advertising image, letter head, logo, web site in part or full, or item related to the business of Harper Design or the Creative input of SV Harper or his Art work, may beecopied in any form or media or reproduced in any electronic form or in any way without the written permission of S.V. Harper or Harper Design.

Infringement of our reserved rights stated above will be met with the most severe legal action to not only prevent the future contravening of these rights but to include compensation and damages and costs of recovery. This is to protect the Art work of S.V. Harper, Harper Design, and protect the genuine collectors and valued customers of Harper Design

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