The Unveiling of

A very special Portrait by Noted Artist Steve Harper

Titled: "Dave's Dream Flight"

At the RAF Museum Cosford

On this page: Read about the special Unveiling of the Portrait which now hangs permanently in the Main Visitor Centre of the RAF Museum Cosford.

The unveiling took place at 11.45 am on the 16th November 2014

in the Main Visitor Centre of the RAF Museum Cosford.

About the special Unveiling of the Portrait titled "Dave's Dream Flight "

Above: The Unveiling

Above: The Flag falls to Unveil the Portrait

Above: The Portrait in the Main Visitor Centre or the RAF Museum Cosford

Above:(Left to Right) Artist Steve Harper, Sam (Dave's Daughter) ,Mags( Dave's wife), Sir John Allison


portraying: Dave Leek. 6th November 1956 - 25th December 2013 ,

(Chairman of the The Aerospace Museum Society Cosford ).

held at the RAF Museum Cosford.

Thoughts on the Unveiling by Artist Steve Harper


Dear friends,

As collectors of my works of art, or as visitors to this, our web site, many of you knew Dave Leek, either meeting him personally or through reading articles (some of which are available on this site).

Some of you knew Dave through either the 1940's Hangar dances held at the Museum, or through visits to the RAF Museum Cosford, or indeed through meeting him at exhibitions of my Art work held at the museum.

Sadly David Sidney Leek (Dave) . Chairman of the Aerospace Museum Society, Cosford, passed to his rest peacefully at his home on December 25, 2013, aged 57 years. Dave battled on even in the later stages of his illness always keen to encourage the young, always with a kind word, always the gentleman, and ever dedicated to his roll in aviation. He dedicated much of his life to the preservation of our aviation heritage for the education of future generations and for the enjoyment of many.

As an artist it is always a great honour to be asked to do a portrait, especially so in this case. The Aerospace Museum Society commissioned this work of art which I have donated to them and the RAF museum for the benefit of Dave's family, friends and visitors to the Museum.

The Unveiling

It was lovely to welcoming you all to the Museum for this special unveiling of the Portrait in Dave's memory which is was unveiled at the RAF Museum Cosford at 11.45 am on the 16th November 2014 in the Main Visitor Centre.

The unveiling was a happy occasion remembering the life of a dear friend. It was attended by his friends, family, and members of the society and museum together with the many visitors who have over the years enjoyed a visit to the Museum and enjoyed the aircraft Dave dedicated so much of his life to, in preserving our aviation heritage.

Below are some of the guests who attended the unveiling and presentation.

About the Portrait.

In the Last portion of his life, with the help of the Shuttleworth Collection I helped to fulfill his dream of flight in a Tiger moth. Dave's Dream of Flight took place at the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, Bedfordshire England. His special day started when we bundled Dave into my Classic Ford Granada, which he loved, for the trip to Shuttleworth. We still managed to keep his surprise a secret. On arriving he met engineers, pilots, and stood on the wing of the hurricane being worked on by an engineer.

A trip round the engineering section of the Shuttleworth Collection,standing by the Spitfire and all thoughts of his illness seemed to disappear and a big smile banished the tiredness induced by his illness. The aviation enthusiast was in his element.

Over Lunch we sprung the surprise and the engine test Dave thought he might be lucky enough to see, was to be his dream flight in the Collections beautiful example of a 1940 DH82a Tiger Moth in Red, white and silver RAF training colours.

On a Beautiful day of azure blue sky, Dave took to the sky flying down the crowd line, performing a loop. On dulcimer wings Dave with a big smile and a wave from the cockpit fulfilled his dream in the freedom of his dream flight.

In the portrait, Dave sits in the Tiger Moth, happy that his dream of flight could inspire the young.. and perhaps not so young. Back where he belongs with his friends, with the aircraft he loved and with the many visitors who will pass him as they go through the visitor Centre. His smile and warmth greeting them as they start their journey through the wonderful RAF Museum he was so proud of. It would be my pleasure to see you on the 16th November for the Unveiling of the Portrait and what will be a lovely afternoon of dear friends and treasured memories in the midst of one of the world's finest collections of aircraft.

My thanks to Dave's family, the RAF Museum Cosford and to The Shuttleworth Collection.

My thanks to the RAF Museum for their Kindness, and fabulous hospitality on the day of the Unveiling, and my thanks also to dear friends of the Aerospace Museum Society, Cosford.

I would also like to thank all who attended on the day, for kinds words and thoughts that made the day so very special to all.

My very warmest wishes, to you all and blessings of peace and happiness to all who stop for a while to gaze on the Portrait of Dave and share for a moment Dave's dream of flight.


Above Left: Artist Steve's speech at the Portrait Unveiling
Above Right: Artist Steve with the Tiger Moth featured in the Portrait

A Beautiful Print of the Tiger Moth is available from this site. Please click the picture below for details.





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